Our Mission:

Rensselaer Formula Hybrid is a student-lead team that promotes the advancement of engineering proficiency at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY.

Rensselear Formula Hybrid 2017 Competition Team

Our Vision:

The team provides hands-on experience in a multi-phased project development process and in engineering design practice far beyond a standard university curriculum.

Through participation in the annual SAE Formula Hybrid competition, members build invaluable skills in product-design, team collaboration, and project management, helping to properly prepare them for professional careers in the world of engineering and management.


  • Project Skills: Learn application of technical, practical, managerial, and organizational skills into developing a project/product.
  • Professional Engineering Practices: Learn practices and standards common in industry for building career potential.
  • Innovation: Learn to carry new concepts through conception, via research, design, iterative engineering, and experimentation.


  • Safe: Measured by passing competition safety inspection.
  • High Performance: Measured through execution in dynamic events.
  • Ecologically Responsible: Manufacturing the car has limited environmental impact and balances performance with efficiency.


About the Competition:

Formula Hybrid is an annual international collegiate event held at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway in Louden, NH each spring. The competition attracts top students from a long list of highly-reputable schools, many of which focus educational emphases on STEM research and development. To compete, student teams must design, manufacture, and build a highly complex, formula-style racecar consisting of a hybrid drivetrain.

The student vehicles are then put through a rigorous set of inspection processes, design evaluations, and dynamic racing events in order to test the overall vehicle ability and engineering proficiency. The competition promotes creativity and design innovation to help drive technical educational development, culminating in what the Society of Automotive Engineers hails as “the most challenging of all the SAE Collegiate Design Series engineering competitions.” 1

The 2017 Formula Hybrid competition will take place May 1st-4th.

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