Rensselaer Formula Hybrid extends a sincere thank you to our sponsors:

RPI ECSE Department – For funding and technical support.

RPI MANE Department - For funding and technical support.

The Douglas Mercer Lab – For funding and lab access.

Solidworks – For providing us with CAD software.

LIION Wholesale - For providing us with lithium-ion cells.

Magna Power Electronics – For providing us with an SL power supply.

Adcanced Circuits - For PCB manufacturing services.

Ansys - For providing computational modeling software.

Automation Direct – For providing us with electrical components.

Bearing Distributors - For providing bearing products.

VR3 Engineering/Cartesian - For tube profiling services.

Champlain Cable - For providing shielded high-voltage cable.

Curtiss Wright

Hoosier - For providing racing tires.


Molex - For providing high voltage connectors.

Raloid - For providing CNC machining services.

Wilwood - For providing vehicle disk braking systems.
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